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Interesting News (hopefully)...updated 1/27/23


I know I just changed the date...but with brain fog, no one will remember!


      Over the years, most of you have told me that the hardest part of having chronic tick-born pathogen syndrome, is getting an actual diagnosis.  Not only is it validating, when most of you have felt disenfranchised by the medical community at one time, it allows us to agree on a starting point for your long journey.  That journey takes some of you down many winding roads, paths that end abruptly, bridges that you go over that don't go anywhere, lanes that meander and bring you back where you started, okay...I'm out of idioms and metaphors. 

     I want to touch on a few topics here.  At the beginning of your journey, your bodies (at the mitochondrial level) were sick.  There was not much you can have done about it on your own.  We used prescriptions, nutraceuticals, herbs, whatever we had to do to get through the cell wall.  These are  parts of the cell that have many defenses in place to stop us from getting in.  Those days/weeks/months/years were probably the hardest, both physically and emotionally (after diagnosis!).  But then we began to kill off pathogens. I try my best to work with each of you individually to balance doing as little damage to the host (you) as possible while still progressing.  Each treatment plan is a moving target, changing as necessary. Sometimes we had to be more aggressive, like having central lines placed, and sometimes we back down a bit.

     Eventually, some of the damage gets repaired and your bodies get a little stronger. Those are the times  you have to take some steps toward me and I need to take some steps back.  It is time to get your heads in a more positive place, change your self-talk.  There are lots of ways to do this, you can try  guided meditation or biofeedback, both of which I can help with. You can stay off of negative internet groups and social media.

     Next is gentle body work, not hard exercise, but slow strength work, walking, gentle yoga (never do hot yoga!!),  stretching, swimming, prescribed physical therapy, etc. Your muscles have broken down over the course of treatment and fatigue is a huge factor.  Start slow and progress slowly.

     The third is thinking about what  you eat.  Once you start healing, it is time to think about your body and how many years it has been poisoned. First by invading pathogens, molds and toxins; and then by treatment You have to think about the food you put in your body. This is one place you have 100% control. Food is part of your treatment plan.  There is nothing about processed food or fast food that belongs in our bodies (or our children's bodies).  Animal products, including dairy, are hugely inflammatory. If you have kids living at home,  get the whole family on board with healthy eating.  Vegetables, whole grains (not wheat but grains), low sugar the rainbow.  

  Gen and I are also trying.  We take the Manukaville

jet to a secluded island to do yoga. We're getting 

pretty good...

Here is a photo of us.  

G&H Yoga.png
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