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There is a lot of ancient and current information on the web...but we are very selective about information we trust. For example, I am a member of both ILADS and  I trust any information found on those websites. Here are a few examples of some trusted resources:

Neutracuticals:  Researched Nutritionals

Compounding Pharmacy:  Hopkinton Drug

Radiology: Marc Beck, MD & Bob Bridges, MD- Diagnostic Health

Procedures and Pain: Alfred Lonser, MD - AA Spine

Naturopath: Torrey Smith, NP - Smith Naturopath Clinic

Chiropracter/Massage- Chris Hogan, DPC - Hogan Chiropractic

CBD Products: CBD MD

Vitamins: Researched Nutritionals and Thorne

Womens' Health: Leeanne Mercier, ANP - All About You

Neurology: Peter Osterbauer, MD 

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